Course title
Bachelor of Nursing Science Program
Degree title 
Bachelor of Nursing Science

Principle and rationale
          Western university recognizes the opportunity of education for eligible high school graduate or equivalent who is interested in pursuing nursing career and also aims to address the country’s shortage of nurses.
          Also, in relation to the introduction of asean economic community (AEC), the university is committed in providing the best nursing education to support the regional change with adequate amount of highly trained and professional nurses who possess the morality and professional ethics to address the needs of healthcare for the community, country and the AEC


Subjects category Units
1.General subjects 30
   1.1 Social science and humanity category 9
   1.2 Language category 15
   1.3 General Science and mathematics 6
2.Specialized subjects 108
   2.1 ฺFundamental career knowledge 30
   2.2 Clinical subjects 78
         2.2.1 Theoretical subjects 51
         2.2.2 Nursing practical subjects 27
3. Selective subjects 6
Total 144


Estimated total cost of attendance for a complete program (4 years) is at 680,000 THB
1. Application fee – 500 THB
2. Registration for new students– 3500 THB
3. Basic Supplementary registration fee – 35,000 THB
The university provides a tuition package for the complete program that calculates the total cost of attendance for Bachelor of Science in Medical technolgy degree at 680,000 THB ( 170,000 per each academic year) The students are required to pay 85,000 THB for every semester within 4 academic years as mandated by the university.
The applicants who pass the admission selection programs are required to pay item 1 to 3 as mentioned above for the total amount of 39,000 THB upon admission interview. For applicants who are eligible for loans provided by the Student Loan Fund and wish to obtain the finacial aid from the fund, provided that their annual income is not more than 26,400 THB, they may avail a miximum loan of 90,000 THB per year and shall pay the balance of 40,000 THB per year on their own account.

1.An applicant must be a high school graduates or currently in senior high school level (M.6) of Science and Mathematics program, accredited by the ministry of education and must obtain a minimum GPA of 2.50

2.applicant shall not be convicted of any capital offense as prescribed by the law. However, petty offenses or necligence may be subject to further assessment.

3.The applicant must be in good health not having any diseases, symptoms or disabilities that may hinder learning and undertaking tasks. The hindrances are described as follows below:

3.1 The applicant shall not suffer from any mental disorders that may be harmful to self or others such as psychotic disorders, mood disorders, severe neurotic disorders and personality disorders. Specially Antisocial Personality Disorders or Borderline Personality Disorders that may be detrimental to education and career.

3.2 The applicant shall not suffer from Infectious diseases that may be harmful to self or others or may cause permanent disabilities that may obstruct learning, working and career

3.3 Infectious diseases or conditions that may obstruct learning, working and career.

3.4 Physical handicap that may obstruct learning, working and career.

3.5 Visual impairment that falls in any of the below definition:

3.5.1 Severe color blindness

3.5.2 Amblyopia, visual acuity is less efficient than 6/12 or 20/40

3.6 Hearing impairment defines as having an average hearing ability at 500-2000 Hz frequency or more than 40 decibel on both ears.

3.7 Other diseases or disabilities determined by the physician as being obstructive to normal learning, working and career.

1.Insurance representative, Medical representative
2.Private nursing
3.Practical nurse in either private or government hospitals
4.Nursing instructor

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