Course name
English : Bachelor of Laws Program
Degree title
Full name (English) : Bachelor of Laws
Initial (English) : LL.B.
Jurisprudence is a discipline that studies the rules of conduct of persons,definitely effective which is called law. in written and not written.Law is an important part of society.Defining role and rights in all activities and levels. To achieve fairness and peace in society. Jurisprudence will study theories, concepts, principles, principles of law in the right section and the responsibility of the person From birth to death,in all types of business correspondence.As well as the relationship between the G2G or G2B In international society Jurisprudence focuses on the role of the law.As a framework for determining the authority of the state. Do not break the freedom of the people. As well as as a legal tool to implement the policy effectively.
Subject group Unit
1. General education 
    1.1) Social sciences and humanities
    1.2) Languages     15
    1.3) Mathematics and Science 6
2. Specialized subjects              96
   2.1) Compulsory subjects 86
   2.2) Elective courses 10
3. Elective subject 6
Total 132
1.Graduated in high school Or equivalent.from educational institutions designated by the Ministry of Education.
2.Health and physical health.No serious contagious disease.
3.No moron.Never been sentenced to jail or in the midst of a criminal case.
4.There are other qualifications required by the university.

around 168,000 baht.

1. Lawyer
2. Attorney
3. Judge
4. Police

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