Focus on excellence with the power of thought


Committed to producing quality graduates. Academic excellence,emphasizes ethical research and leadership. Create a treasure of wisdom to develop a masters of intellectuals. Have a broad vision.leads to the development of own,society, nation and humanity. With the ideology of cooperation rather than competition.


1.Produces graduates in the master's level. By providing quality education in accordance with state standards.
2.Development quality  of education. Meet the needs of local and community
3.Support the research to create new knowledge based on the subject area. To be nationalized
4.Support and develop graduates with morality.Have a vision of the changes in present.


1.To produce highly qualified graduates. Have self-confidence, morality, and communication skills. To meet the needs of organizations and agencies of the public and private sectors. in economically, socially, business and industrial. Both in local and abroad.
2.To develop new knowledge and technology . By support production. Academic research. to be the benefit to the society and the development of the country as a whole. a center for the transfer of social development, ideas and values that promote national development. Between individuals with different proficiency in each field to another person.
4.provide academic services to the society.contribute to community development,Economy and quality of life
5.Academic development for national development is a major goal on the basis of Thai culture.And development must be accompanied by the dissemination of knowledge and culture. Traditions of Thai nationality have to remain and widely known.
6.To create opportunities for distant and undeserved populations. College of Western University is trying to distribute more education to the region.And to support projects of the government, to help the public to have more education.

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