We believe in the Integration of knowledge, Thai wisdom and mind power. We uphold righteousness, discipline and ethics. We aim to be effective leaders and followers. We believe in mutual trust and cooperation. We value culture and tradition and hope to preserve and promote Thai identity.
To produce quality nursing graduates who possess professional excellence, ethics and wisdom.
To be an education institute dedicated to providing knowledge, righteousness and professional ethics. To develop graduates to become intellectuals capable of integrating knowledge and holistic thinking.
1.To provide a student-centered learning environment that aims to produce quality graduates who possess theoretical and practical competence and capable of applying integrated knowledge in their career to benefit the society and country. The graduates shall uphold righteousness and ethics to become good citizens.
2.To promote researches and creative innovation in the field of science and technology, to enrich professional and academic competence to a high standard and to be the source of valuable knowledge to the community, society and the nation.
3.To encourage the preservation and proliferation of arts and culture and collective wisdom of the local community, society and the nation.
4 To ensure the organization’s commitment to enhance all aspects of providing an effective education and to uphold good governance.
1.Providing education
2.Promoting researches in the field of science and technology
3.Providing academic service to the society
4.Preservation and promotion of Arts & Culture

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