The university is dedicated to provide education system and learning environment that are conducive to enhance the students’ learning capacity. It aims to produce highly trained intellectuals who possess the necessary life skills and professionalism. Furthermore, the university aims to produce graduates, who adhere to professional ethics and further develop virtue and righteousness,
The graduates shall possess the quality of leaders being prudence and continuously seeking self-development in order to be good citizens of Thailand and the world.


To be an education institute dedicated to produce the best nursing graduates who adhere to professional ethics, able to capitalize on knowledge, wisdom and ability to enhance self, career, society and the country.


1. Producing graduates
The university aims to prepare graduates to be job-ready and impart lifelong learning concept and acquires necessary resources from both internal and external to promote quality learning for the students. Also, assure quality education in all courses
2.The university encourages scientific researches and supports the integration of researches to enhance knowledge and career.
3.The university promotes local public services as well as national and international levels.
4.The university promotes the promulgation of arts and cultural exchange, preservation and development of local and national tradition to uphold national pride and identity.

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