Western university in its capacity as a private institution had offered admission of bachelor and master degree since academic year 1998. It aims to promote professionals in the field of Social Science and applied science and particularly in health medical science.

In order to address public health issues and accommodate patients and those who are in need of health care services, the proliferation of professional nurses is vital. The country’s current shortage of nurses poses as a national issue despite the reformation of public health services and the introduction of the national health insurance act B.E. 2545. The country’s private and government education institutes are still not producing enough professional nurses to cope with the country’s shortage.

Western university recognizes the importance of addressing the shortage of nurses to provide health care services for the country’s needs by aiming to produce more professional nurses and to provide accessible nursing education across the region of Thailand.

The university has appointed qualified professionals in the field of nursing education to develop its curriculum and to establish the faculty of nursing in 2006. The university council had received the accreditation of its curriculum and permission to offer nursing education from the nursing and midwifery council of Thailand on August 10th 2007 and it offered its first admission in academic year 2007.

Since then, the Nursing and midwifery council of Thailand had been regularly providing accreditation from academic year 2007 to 2010. And when the university produced its first nursing graduates, the council accredited the university twice a year until the present academic year of 2016

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