Degree Title
Bachelor of Public Health

 Principle and rationale
          The growth in industrial and agricultural sectors requires workers to be healthy and safe. Workers today are facing health issues mainly from occupational health problems such as lead poisoning and inadequate working environment that affect workers’ health and cause occupational casualties. 
         Therefore it is very important for the work establishments to maintain proper occupational health standard, safety standard and work environment by applying science and technology. This also requires the owners and workers’ cooperation. Today, occupational health professional are not sufficient to meet the requirements from both private and government’s sectors, especially in manufacturing sectors. Occupational health professionals are necessary to ensure standards in health, safety and environment. This is the main reason why Western university recognizes the importance of producing the quality and highly skilled professionals to address the issues concerning Health and safety at work.


1.General subjects  30   Units
   1.1 Social science and humanity category 9 Unit
   1.2 Language category 15 Unit
   1.3 General Science and mathematics 6 Unit
2.Specialized subjects  103   Unit
   2.1 Core subjects 58 Unit
      2.1.1 General Science subjects 24 Unit
      2.2.1 Basic public health subjects 20 Unit
      2.2.3 Professional subjects 14 Unit
   2.2 Compulsory major subjects 30 Unit
   2.3 Selective major subjects 15 Unit
3.Selective subjects 6   Unit
Total 139  Unit


Estimated total cost of attendance for a complete program (4 years) is at 680,000 THB

1. Application fee – 500 THB

2. Registration for new students– 3500 THB

3. Basic Supplementary registration fee – 5,000 THB

The university provides a tuition package for the complete program that calculates the total cost of attendance at 90,000 THB per each academic year). The students are required to pay 45,000 THB for every semester within 4 academic years as mandated by the university.

The applicants who pass the admission selection programs are required to pay item 1 to 3 as mentioned above for the total amount of 9,000 THB upon admission interview. For applicants who are eligible for loans provided by the Student Loan Fund and wish to obtain the financial aid from the fund, provided that their annual income is not more than 26,400 THB, they may avail a loan of 90,000 THB per year as the tuition full amount and need not to pay from their own account.

1.An applicant must be a highschool graduates or currently in senior highschool level (M.6) of Science and Mathematics program, accreditted by the ministry of education and must obtain a minimum GPA of 2.50
2.applicant shall not be convicted of any capital offense as prescribed by the law. However, petty offenses or necligence may be subject to further assessment.
3.The applicant must be in good health not having any diseases, symptoms or disabilities that may hinder learning and undertaking tasks. The hindrances are described as follows below:
3.1 The applicant shall not suffer from any mental disorders that may be harmful to self or others such as psychotic disorders, mood disorders, severe neurotic disorders and personality disorders. Specially Antisocial Personality Disorders or Borderline Personality Disorders that may be detrimental to education and career.
3.2 The applicant shall not suffer from Infectious diseases that may be harmful to self or others or may cause permanent disabilities that may obstruct learning, working and career as defined below:
3.3 Infectious diseases or conditions that may obstruct learning, working and career.
3.4 Physical handicap that may obstruct learning, working and career.
3.5 Visual impairment that falls in any of the below definition:
3.5.1 Severe color blindness
3.5.2 Amblyopia, visual acuity is less efficient than 6/12 or 20/40
3.6 Hearing impairment defines as having an average hearing ability at 500-2000 Hz frequency or more than 40 decibel on both ears.
3.7 Other diseases or diabilities determined by the physician as being obstructive to normal learning, working and career.

1.Public health specialist in Community’s hospitals and health promotion centers

2.Public health specialist in the Ministry of Health’s units

3.Public health specialist for local governments

4.Public health specialist for private companies, manufacturing companies

5.Public health lecturer

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